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Wool Carpets

You're probably wondering why I'm writing a blog all about wool carpets. I think as we're all being more considered with our home choices from where we buy furniture, how often we update our homes to types of paints we use - options are more thought through in terms of the environment.

So wool carpets are a great example of a choice you can make for your home that is eco friendly but also has other great benefits.

We have been marketed the man made polypropylene is the superior carpet as it's stain resistant, bleach cleanable etc. I'm not saying it's bad and in some cases I would suggest this as a viable option.

So we have recently updated the carpets at home and had previously had polypropylene ones that we only had for about 4 years. They had gone through a renovation but they had seen better days.

I have lots of clients ask me for carpet for the stairs and then to be carried through into bedrooms. Whilst I would always advocate carrying the same flooring through the house, as best as possible and of course there are times different floorings would be used, it creates a nice flow, especially in homes with smaller rooms and smaller walkways between rooms.

The carpet you would ideally need for stairs is definitely a different carpet you would ideally want in your bedroom. Stairs need hardwearing carpet as they can be high traffic areas or the fact we always walk in the centre of them means a thick carpet would look flat and worn over time.

At home we have two staircases and postage stamp size landings which then lead into bedrooms so it really was essential we had the same carpet otherwise it would have looked to messy. Wool was a great choice for the stairs and bedrooms and I'll tell you why we opted for this and not the man made stain resistant, bullet proof carpet.

1 - Wool carpet is super hardwearing. It will last you for years.

2 - It's a natural material therefore it's kinder to the environment, they're both sustainable and renewable

3 - They're breathable and can trap allergens - great for people with allergies.

4 - Wool carpets are actually self cleaning. The myth is they are hard to clean. In reality wool naturally pushes dirt to the surface which is then cleaned when you hoover. Man made carpets can actually hold dirt deep down and all those cleaning products can all lay dormant in the base of the carpet.

5 - The myth is that moths will eat away at your woollen carpet. Well yes back in the day this would have been a major concern. However today modern wool carpets are treated to prevent this happening.

6 - They're naturally flame retardant so great for family homes.

Also a big selling point for me is that they come in different textures from a variety of loops to a flat weave, colours and also patterns.

Have you been converted to choosing a wool carpet the next time you need to update your flooring?

Thanks for reading

NB x

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