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Cottage Woodbridge

Whole Home Design

This quaint cottage was in need of some attention and updating including better lighting.

The bedroom had such low ceilings and not a huge amount of natural light so we embraced this and used a gorgeous teal to create an inviting and cosy room. Accessorised with navy blue and mustard this room was transformed into a luxurious yet comfortable bedroom.

The attic room was a given a real sense of purpose as the TV was moved into here, with bespoke cabinets built for storage. The show stopper was the bespoke built sofa bed that allows for lounging by day and converts to a bed for night. The original floorboards were painted blue which added a pop of brightness.

The kitchen was previously quite dark so additional lighting was added which made a huge difference. As this was a small space I used space saving tricks to make the room appear larger, such as painting a dark colour on the lower kitchen cabinets. The top cabinets were painted the same colour as the walls to make them blend in more. The use of a glass dining table means the room feels more open as you see through it rather than a solid table.

The pops of mustard and antique brass add to the sophisticated overall look of the space and created a modern style country cottage.

All photos by Simply C Photography

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