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How to decorate a bedroom with low ceilings

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

I thought I would share some tips on how to decorate a small bedroom with low ceilings as currently that is one of my challenges I have for a project I'm working on. The house is a gorgeous and quaint terraced cottage with incredibly low ceilings and rooms of small proportions.

The master bedroom is the room in question and it has got me researching a lot more as I want to make sure I make the most of this small space.

Now a lot of people would tell you to reach for the lighter paint colours to make it look bigger, well I'm actually doing the opposite. I'm going to work with a darker paint colour, but I still want to make the room appear not so small....a hard task I hear you say! Well yes but there are a few tricks to help.

Image courtesy of #pinterest

With such a low ceiling, and I mean no room for a ceiling light as it would hang lower than eye level! I believe painting the ceiling the same colour as the walls will help in not emphasising how low it is, instead it will create a much cosier impact. If it were painted a white or light colour, this would actually draw attention to how low it is.

Image courtesy of #pinterest

Low level furniture (Photo Pinterest)

Keeping furniture low down is a good option, so this would sit in proportion with the rest of the room. Top tip, avoid beds with huge headboards, this would dominate a room and again show up the low ceilings. Use glass or mirrored furniture so it's less obvious and seems almost transparent or reflects light across the room. Rule of thumb don't over fill the room with furniture and make sure the type of furniture used is slimline and blends into the small space rather than dominating chunky pieces.

Low level furniture (Photo Pinterest)

With the room being small as well as having low ceilings, lighting is key. Lamps which uplight will draw the eye up, however it will add to the coziness of the room created by the dark colour.

Ensure curtains are fitted at ceiling height and drape onto the floor, this will give illusion of height. Finishing at the window sill can again show the lack of height and stick out like a sore thumb.

Floor to ceiling curtains (Photo Pinterest)

I am going to use splashes of colour and choosing a bright bedspread will act as a focal point and will deter attention from the lack of ceiling height. You can use other focal points as a distraction such as a bold wallpaper on one wall for example.

Bold throw (Photo Pinterest)

Bold wallpaper (Photo Pinterest)

And lastly, we can't forget the trusted mirror which comes in so handy for bouncing light across a small room and giving the illusion of more space. Position opposite the window for maximum impact.

In summary, don't be afraid to be bold in a small space, especially with low ceilings, embrace the smallness and create something cosy and compact. If you want to go bold then choose a darker colour but light the room well to correspond with the colour choice and keep furniture simple and don't overcrowd the space. Take inspiration from the below photo, who would have thought black in a small room with a low ceiling would actually look so damn good! Match the furniture to the wall colour so it blends in perfectly!

Image courtesy of #pinterest

Thanks for reading!

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Nifty Interio
Nifty Interio
Dec 03, 2019

Great article for bedroom with low ceilings. Thank you for sharing this post.

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