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Simple Ways to Update Your Home

With lockdown continuing and talk of social distancing lasting nearly the rest of the year a lot of people will feel like their stuck in limbo. With money and salaries been affected it will be hard to tackle some of those jobs we've all been meaning to do.

Well there are some things that could be achievable to help revamp your home without spending too much on to see some tips....

Depending on budget there are some small changes you make that could make a big difference and wouldn't necessarily break the bank.

Any Room in the House

What's on your walls? Plain you say? Well here you have the opportunity to spruce up your rooms. Add a gallery wall, maybe one statement picture or artwork. A mirror in the right place can look fantastic.

Or if you already have pictures up then you could reconsider updating the images in the frames, there are loads of online companies now that do great designs that are affordable, Desenio and Junique to name a couple, or better yet seek out local independent artists for a really unique piece.

A single piece of art/picture above the sofa creates quite the statement

A gallery wall creates interest and style to a blank wall

In the Living Room

Well the quickest and simplest way to update is to switch up your soft furnishings. By changing the cushions and throws you can really change how the room looks and feels. This is a great and cheap way to update your decor seasonally too, just rotate for each season/every 6 months - great if you get bored of the same look.

A lot of new build properties or newly renovated homes tend to have spotlights in living rooms. This is fine (well I mean not always necessary but this is a different topic all together...) but you can add a ceiling light without enlisting an electrician per se. You can now find exposed bulbs with wire in your own required length - then add a shade and voila you can add a ceiling light. This is relatively easy to do, first work out the best socket to start from and feed the wire straight up the wall, secure with a metal hook on the ceiling (you'll need a drill for this part) and then position where you would like on the ceiling. You may not want it central, perhaps you want it to one side of an armchair or sofa perhaps? Have fun and create some amazing lighting designs.

In The Bedroom

How about painting the wall behind your bed? This can change the room quite dramatically and if you're not keen to committing to painting the whole room, or only want a splash of colour this is quick and easy to do, plus not very expensive at all - just a pot of paint and a brush and you're on your way.

Or a really simple option is to change up the bed linen - buy some new sheets, add a bedspread and throw - layering up for a stylish look. Add cushions of different sizes, colours, textures.

Paint the wall behind the bed to create a feature wall

Updating your bedside lighting can have a big impact too. Maybe choose some new table lamps, or for an even bigger difference, look at plug in wall lights - these can add more drama and don't require an electrician - just need attaching to the wall and plugging in - and there are soooo many great affordable options the hard part will be choosing your fave!

Add a plug in wall light for added interest

In The Kitchen

If you have plain tiles for your splash back, such as the ever popular white metro tiles, then one way of changing this up without retiling is to update the grouting. These days grouting comes in an array of colours and it could be a cool way to add a pop of colour where it can look striking but subtle at the same time. You need some time on your hands to do this - and oh yes a good dollop of patience!! Depending on how large the tiles area is will determine how long this would take. You need to scrape out the existing grouting first which could be a laborious task, there are specific tools to do this which makes it a bit easier but you have to take your time so not to damage the tiles. Grouting is much easier to do you'll be pleased to know!

Shelving! Add some shelves, they can be plain and simple and styled nicely, or create a bigger statement with a shelf that does all the talking with the design.

Add a shelf and style for maximum impact

Have a look at what you have on your kitchen counters. Are they too cluttered? Is there any order to them? Could you make better use of the space?

My top tip is assess what items you have on the counter and only leave out the ones you use on a regular basis, if possible, store the lesser used items to create more space. Then look at your arrangements, you can create more visible appeal with your chopping boards, canisters etc to and style those shelves so they're less chaotic and more interesting to look at.

Shop Your Home

The cheapest and easiest thing to do to update your home is basically shop your home! Have a look around, what could you move, what would work in another room? Could you switch up the lamps? Maybe moving the cushions around the rooms and create different styling in the rooms using existing soft furnishings. Perhaps rearrange the furniture, you'll be surprised how it can change up a room - I'm aware this isn't an option for everyone - but if it could work for you give it a go.

Do you have flowers in your garden? Pick some and put them in a vase.

If you have plants you could propagate them and grow some more and add more foliage to your home.

Go and get creative with your spaces - I dare you!

I hope these tips help and you can make some small changes to your home whilst spending so much time there!

NB x

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