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How to Revamp a Kitchen

It's no secret that to completely change a kitchen is one of the most expensive rooms on the home. To completely rip out and start again is obviously the ideal but sometimes the budget might not allow, or in fact it's not the layout that's the problem so it seems crazy to go to such extremes.

Well here's some ideas and tips on how you can revamp your kitchen without the crazy price tag, the huge upheaval and stress of replanning the space.

This is ideal for those of you who are definitely happy with the current layout. If you're not then a revisit of the layout is then crucial to achieving your dream kitchen and that will lead you to the full redesign...

OK, so layout is spot on, you're fine with that. Here are the main areas you can make changes and completely update your kitchen.


What you do here is largely dependant on what material the doors are made of. If they're wooden then you're in luck as they can be repainted and this is of course the easiest and probably more cost effective option, depending on whether you're painting them or not...

Painting you can obviously go for any colour and even if you have handles already, you can fill the holes and pick new ones so you have lots of scope to update and transform th ekitchen this way.

If you can't paint the doors then fear not you still have some really good options, they may just cost slightly more.

Depending on where your current kitchen is from there are load of companies on the market now that supply kitchen doors - there's a lot for Ikea and also Howden cabinets, but you can go bespoke too. This means you can source door styles that are a little different to the standard shaker styles you see everywhere else.

Again you can have good scope on colours, some offer a lovely range of colours but you can have a bespoke colour too but of course this will cost extra, so all depends on how tight your budget is.

Some companies we love are

Naked Doors



Kitchen island

Do you have one already? If so and you're changing the colours of the cabinets, then you can have a different colour on the island, perhaps this is your pop of colour/bold. If you're not sure on committing to a stronger colour throughout then this is the perfect place to inject colour that won't make you nervous.

Or it could be a different colour worktop - you can experiment more and mix up your colours a bit more. Here we had a copper worktop which contrasted with the main worktop which was quartz...

If you don't have an island, do you have space, could you add something in to create more storage, add some stools to create a breakfast bar? You'll be surpised what you can fit in


Whether you're reusing or replacing using new hardware is another way to transform the look of your kitchen. Whether it's statement handles or sleeker, subtle options, the colour of metal etc - all will make a big change and nod to the style you're working with. If you can't change the colour of your cabonet fronts then this is a great way to make a change - just remember you will have to change like for like for like sizes, so if changing handles for new handles, you need to measure the distance between the screw holes...


Admittedly these are pricey, especially if you go for a natural stone. However they can make a dramatic difference and if you're not changing you're whole kitchen, it could well be the amount of budget you're willing to spend to make a big difference.

Regarding different worktops, for me a lot comes down to the overall look you want. Quartz or Granite are super durable so they do warrant the price tag and the raneg available you can't not find something you like. With more matt finishes now on the market they don't have to be sparkly, shiny or too veiny - you can find more matt, plain options that look very modren and sleek.

If budgets don't stretch to this then laminate is your answer. There are varying qualities with this material so you have to know where to look to get something that doesn't look cheap and admittedly not great...

If you're lucky enough to have wooden worktops then these can be sanded and restained, so you can adjust the colour of these.


If you have a tiled splashback and don't want to change this - depending on what tiles you have these can be painted if the thought of removing them all gives you heart palpatations!

With some pre planning, careful prep you can transform your tiles to another colour - again we all know how colour can hugely change a space. So if you have some white tiles that you find too boring and a bit meh, then adding a splash of colour can make your heart sing.

However with this option, the tiles won't be as durable, so if you're a keen cook and use your kitchen a lot, then a painted splashback behind your hob may not last as long as you'd want so this would be a more temp solution - but great nontheless.

Alternatively, if you have upstands as part of your worktop you can update just the main splashback over the hob to different tiles - not as expensive as changing a whole wall so is a good option if you're being cost conscious....


With any room in the house, the final styling reallty does change a space and elevates it from nice to wow. If you have space, adding some open shelving gives you scope to add some personal items whether it's your fave cookbooks, plants, ornaments, photos etc - the option to seeing personal objects can make a room more interesting, to have personality and feel less generic.

Artwork is also another way to inject colour, style and personality into a spoace and the kitchen is no exception.

To give some perspective, here's a few before and after to show how these changes really did transform a clients kitchen...



I hope these tips help you, it's surprising what a few tweaks can make for a dramatic change to your space.

Good luck with your renovation and of course if you are struggling or need help then drop me a line, we'd be delighted to help spruce up your kitchen for you...

Thanks for reading

NB x

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