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London Design Festival 2018, Shoreditch

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

London Design Festival - Shoreditch Design Triangle London Design Festival 2018

As part of London Design Festival, Shoreditch comes to life with the Design Triangle being a myriad of art and design inspiration. Farrow and Ball took this opportunity to launch their 9 gorgeous new colours in a showstopping fashion. It was hard to capture on camera as it was definitely one of those places you needed to experience for yourselves. They created a theatrical set for each colour for you to be submerged into an almost fairyland like state but where you get to experience the colour in full.

New colours Peaen Black, School House White, Treron, Jitney, Sulking Room Pink, Rangwali, Preference Red, Bancha an De Nimes are all such delightful colours in their own right but I think my personal favourite was the Paean Black. It definitely changed colour in different lights going from dark brown, to purple to black. This is no doubt a strong colour and may well be too much for a lot of people but I can vouch for the intensity of the colour and how dramatic it can make a space.

Colour was the order of the day in Shoreditch with another favourite installation at the Foscarini Rooms at Oneroom which explored the companies colour collections. There were 3 floors and each were treated completely differently to coincide with the colours, you are taken on a journey through a converted house. First floor was all about dark colours and the accompanying lighting music was very subdued and mellow to suit the mood of the colours.

When you entered the next floor it took a while for your eyes to adjust as it was a stark contrast the the previous floor. Everything was white and the light flooded into the room. The lack of music meant it was very serene and calm and the wind blew the soft curtains creating a really soft delicate room.

The last floor was where all the colour was hiding, it was bright and bold and the upbeat music was as very fitting to this.I had to spend longer in here again for my eyes to adjust to all the bright colours after being in a totally white room.

This exhibition was about exploring colour and you notice how it, combined with other elements, really affect a space and your mood.

There were exhibitions all over and another interesting one I went to was at the Tramshed, interesting pieces of of modern art...

The final place that was interesting to visit was the exhibition at HQ, it talked you through the whole process of how they find new talent through TalentLAB a great idea for those trying to get their foot in the door of furniture design, check it out on their wesbite.

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