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London Design Junction

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Exploring the design junction at the London Design Festival come have a read...

Following on from my last blog I wanted to show my finds at the London Design Junction which was down near the Southbank. Now for those of you who don't know much about London Design Festival, there are lots of different events happening across London and one of them was the Design Junction. I can't vouch for the other events as sadly I couldn't make them (London Design Fair is on my list for next year).

It was a great place for small and big companies to showcase new products, great for designers to discover new brands and to generally network and be inspired.

Here are some images of what caught my eye...grab yourself a coffee...there's quite a few....

Essence statement chair

I love textures and these wall panels were so eye catching, I love the design that was created on the stand and see this being a great feature wall in a cool office, a boutique shop or even in an uber cool boho bedroom perhaps?!

From oversized to regular to small light shades Arteleier C created a striking display of their beautiful Haute Couture lights.

Artelier C lighting design

I was drawn to the simplicity of these chairs in tonal colours with a stylish retro vibe.

Gemla furniture

Unusual materials used here, is it me or do those stools look like giant corks?? Fab floor lamps here.

Such sharp modern lines then that rustic edge just creates a different look to this table. The play with design and texture draws your eye to to the unexpected, I mean look at those 'perfectly, imperfect' stools. galvin brothers used sustainably sourced timbers and collaborate on their designs with other brands which resulted in the 'waney edge furniture' shown below.

Galvin Brothers

Interesting light, this would be a fabulous centre piece over a dining table...

Petite Friture

Not only did this brand do great contemporary bathrooms the miniature models they had where you can create your own dream bathroom was absolutely amazing. It was like a grown up sophisticated doll's house. Even the taps can be changed, talk about details!

Vitra Bathrooms, Plural range bathrooms

Undercoverliving are a great bedding company that had a very impressive work ethos and this transpired through their products. With a commitment to being kinder to the planet, there is no plastic packaging (which on a side note I think ALL companies should be striving for), bedding its made from Tencel a sustainable fabric from eucalyptus.

Under Cover Living Sustainable Design

The Oxo Tower at the Southbank was home to an exhibition showing new upcoming student designers and interesting art installations focusing on recycling of materials.

There was definitely more consciousness of the planet from brands showing awareness of packaging used, to products made purely from recycled materials. With everything in the news about plastic and being greener and kinder to our planet, it's reassuring to see this is changing attitudes right down to brands that are selling us their products*

Consumerism will not every go away and in industries such as interiors and fashion which is let's face it much more of an indulgence, it should be done with as little impact on the environment so we can decorate our homes without guilt.

It was definitely a day to be inspired! Thanks London Design Festival see you next year!

Thanks for reading!


*I'm aware this is a very small step in the bigger picture but my opinion is that is good that companies are acknowledging their impact and taking steps to change, but there is a long way to go.

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