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Houzz Pro Review

We live in a world where everything is fast-paced, lives are crazy and trying to pack so much into your day is standard. I, for one, am guilty of that and as a mum and a business owner, I know how precious time is and how little of it we feel we have.

For me, I am constantly looking for ways to shave a few minutes off here and there and Houzz has been a huge help in me moving my business forward and saving those precious minutes of admin and marketing that I can better spend elsewhere, like the fun design stuff! I’ve been a Houzz Pro member now for just over two years, and it has been the best thing I have signed up to. I would say 80% of my clients come through Houzz, whether it’s via the project match system or clients reaching out to me directly. I mean just think of the hours saved here on finding those fab clients, this part in itself is priceless!

There really is nothing greater than clients coming to you and selecting you for your portfolio and based on what previous clients have said about you. All of this has been possible because I have taken time to build out my profile, from uploading projects, getting those all-important reviews (however annoying I become) and being present. The saying you get out what you put in is certainly true. With great guidance and support from your own personal account manager, who works with you to maximise your potential.

So as I spend less time and money on marketing myself, I focus my energy on my business and on client projects. This is another area where Houzz Pro has helped me once again, saving time and ensuring that I look like a super sleek designer to my clients. Win-win. Not only can you save all your products to a product library or straight to a project, but you can also pull off pdf’s of product info for presentations and easily create proposals and invoices so you can see the total cost of the room or project. Plus, you can invite your clients to approve all the items they like - everything is in one place, honestly super easy. I confess I used to spend sooo long typing everything into a spreadsheet and if you’re anything like me spreadsheets just send me to zzzz.

As a new designer, I admit I struggled to know what to charge clients initially and to know exactly how long a project would take me. Where exactly did I spend most of my time? The stopwatch function to log your time has been my favourite tool as it’s not only been great for seeing how long a project can take but from this, it’s meant I can put together a pricing strategy that I’m confident with and that is fair for my clients.

Interior design is an amazing profession and I pinch myself regularly to make sure I’m not dreaming, I’m lucky I get to call this a job. But to be really frank, we all come to work for money, as it does make the world go around. So if we’re brutally honest about it, we want to make sure we’re being as profitable as possible and that means finding time-saving, cost-effective solutions. Why waste hours uploading product information when you can make a few clicks, using the product clipper tool, and it’s all there. Why spend hours putting together cost sheets when you can just select this function and voilà there’s your proposal. I must have convinced you by now so go and check it out -

For me, it’s a no brainer, I would rather be seen as a super organised and professional designer who makes the process as easy as possible for the clients. It’s a fun job and this makes it a lot less stressful indeed. And what do I do with my spare time I’ve saved by getting savvy with how I manage my work and processes? Well chasing after the kids of course!

*Disclosure: This is sponsored by Houzz. However, all information included in this post is real based on my firm’s numbers and experience. My opinions are my own.

Thanks for reading

NB x

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