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I recently went to Decorex in London and I have to admit this was actually my first time to this particular design trade show. So what did I think?

Well it was definitely very busy with the fear of covid seemingly a thing of the past and designers and other industry professionals were out in full force.

Out of the trade shows I've been this was more intense. All under on roof and stalls literally back to back. It was hot and stuffy....but it was packed with some fabulous exhibitors and suppliers.

Even though we got around it in a day, I think you need two days to soak it all up properly as it became a but overwhelming but in a good way.

So less of my rambling - what is hot, what did I see that inspired me, what are we going to be seeing in peoples homes next season?

Luscious lighting

Statement lighting.

I'm a big fan of glass lighting, it can work across so many different schemes and has a timeless quality to it.

If colour is your thing Pooky has some fab colour lighting options and patterned shades too - and I'm getting slightly obsessed with the 80s tassels too.

Really interesting petal like lamp, this was really stunning and different.

Curves are in

There were lots of curves in lighting and furniture. People want pure comfort and cosy homes. I think the sharp angular, modern shapes are on the decline perhaps as people favour more rounded shapes which are easier on the eye, they just feel softer, cosier and comfortable. They definitely offer that hygge vibe people are striving for in their homes after the turbulent past couple of years.

My particular fave was the curved swivel armchair - I'll have two of these please!

The rounded swivel armchair, super luxe but also a bit fun too.

Rounded seating that you can sink into.

Headboards that can angle at the sides soften this aesthetic and it feels like it's hugging you in bed.

So many curved and rounded lighting.

Relaxed casual dining.

Soft rounded shapes and pastel colours make for a soft calming scheme.

Curves and colour!

Artisan brands

Although on the upper floor of the exhibition hall, my fave stalls and part of the show was actually here. As much as I love the big brands as they do their brands well, I think we need to offer bigger better platforms to those super talented artisans and their crafts. Craft and sheer talent is starting to come through more and more in the design world with more smaller businesses out there offering some stunning products that aren't mass made and offer the unique style people want.

I had the pleasure of trying out some screen printing (I will definitely want to try this more) and some marbling. There are so many creative crafts that can be turned into fabulous businesses and leak into the world of interiors. I vouch to seek these brands out more as I definitely want to work with smaller businesses where projects allow, that is what will give designs that point of difference and the perfectly curated look.

Testing out the equipment - not sure why I look quite so afraid ha!

I absolutely love patterns and if I could use them everywhere I would. Ellen Merchant not only has an eye for colour but also really lovely patterns too. Another exhibitor who had some hands on experience for the visitors, we could test out the screen printing which felt quite addictive!! Seeing the cut out lino and how you transfer that design to paper is so fascinating. Her designs form wallpapers, prints, cushions and fabrics - check them out here.

If bold and beautiful is your thing then Avalana is perfect, her maximalist designs are stunning and the way she creates the designs then transfers from paper to screen to then create everything from cushions, wall coverings to even phone cases is incredible.

Such a fab idea to have hands on sampling for visitors, we couldn't resist having a go!

Nat Maks makes they most beautiful marbled designs which you can find on wallpapers, art prints and more. I forgot about this painting technique, I remember trying at school - of course Nat does this waaay better than some school project, she has some beautiful designs and colours.

Check out her website for more info here.

Natasha Mann is an artist who uses natural pigments to paint artefacts including lamps as seen here. Truly beautiful designs and those colours are all natural can you believe? Check out more of her work here.

So in summary, I think trends is a looser term these days. I don't often get clients asking for the most on trend design in their homes. I think it's more a lifestyle influence we see across interiors now. Of course there are the 'trends' of the season but as the shift continues to move towards sustainability I think trends is a thing of the past. The 'trend' should actually be longevity. Does the product sing to you and will it last for many years to come? Is it comfortable, does it offer flexibility to be changed up in the future? The trend is more about finding the key pieces for you but that are of good quality, that help offer you the chance to create a gorgeously curated design.

Hopefully we will see the demise of fast fashion interiors that is such a false economy and with it replaced by the beautifully handcrafted designs of the small businesses out there that I feel offer something really special to the interiors world.

Thanks for reading

NB x

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