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Design Trend Round Up

It felt so refreshing to be out and about at a design show with no mask wearing or distance felt very much like it used to which was amazing.

This time I was with some fellow designer friends which made it even more fun and enjoyable.

So what is trending in the interior world, what do we need to add our wish lists?

Statement lighting

I have a real love of lighting and there are some fabulous designs out there to suit all tastes. I personally am a sucker for statement lighting the more unusual styles. With very low ceilings in my home I'm weirdly drawn to all the pendants I can't use day when I have a different house I am going all out for the statement pendants, promise!

In the meantime, table lamps have become almost architectural. These create statements but in a clean, minimal way. Brass is still very evident as a colour/material - much to my delight, I think it's my fave metal finish.

The face and body form continues. A bit on the quirkier side but I absolutely love the different faces and body shapes within lamps (and vases) I'm seeing everywhere. If you want that more wacky, individual look then seek out something like these lamps with a bright colourful shade to make a real statement.

The very clean modern shapes are very much still bang on trend and from companies with good price points these make it easier to modernise your home without breaking the bank.

If you're a classic person at heart then there were plenty of very classic and stylish lighting styles that would look exquisite in almost any home. Definitely more an investment piece but you wouldn't regret it.

Texture and pattern

Textured walls are I think up there with one of my fave things to spec to clients, when they're feeling brave enough. How utterly fabulous is this wallpaper panelling? And it was soft to touch too - I would end up stroking the walls if I had this at probably best I don't...

Sometimes it can be easier on the eye to add those bold patterns on the floor so they're not in direct eye view...these eye catching rugs were simply gorgeous and would transform a neutral space with a much needed pop of pattern and colour.

If you're a lover of the darker interiors and the moodier art deco influences then if you haven't heard of Anna Hayman then where have you been hiding? With beautiful art deco prints in a range of designs and colours it's hard not to find something you fall in love with. One of her lampshades is firmly on my wish list. She even does a colour match service too - even better!

Mixing materials within furniture is something I've definitely started gravitating towards. The mix of the copper top on this sideboard just elevates it to something more interesting and unique than a standard sideboard.


Furniture doesn't have to be bland and boring and these chairs are a perfect example. My immediate thought were that these would suit a child's room perfectly due to the shapes and colours but for the braver soles these could work in some uber cool interior too.

Flexibility is such a selling point and these stackable chairs can be adapted from different colours, different materials within the finish so either a painted wood, upholstered seat etc. Giving customers some flexibility means items become much more attractive as it's always so nice to be able to tailor something to exactly what you're looking for, or that will work with your existing interior perfectly.

Lots of curved shapes are still evident which I'm definitely on board with. Angled, curved and round shapes are much softer within interiors and after the past two years we are all preferring more cosier spaces that are like a big hug. The sharper edges are more clinical are not deemed quite as cosy and seemed sparse in comparison to the lovely curved styles on display.

Colour Inspo

I'm always looking for colour inspo and ideas for colour palettes to work into schemes so design shows are perfect for this. Here are some examples of colours I was drawn to.

A vibrant mix of red, orange and yellow, not for the faint hearted but would look fabulous in the right setting don't you think?

For me the mix of darker colours like blue, teal or green then offset with a brighter colour like orange here just makes such a statement and packs a punch. I am definitely drawn to contrasting colour schemes like this as it feels so interesting, but not always so easy on the eye, so if you're looking for a more relaxed scheme then keeping to harmonious colours is the way forward for you.

Sustainable furniture

There was an area dedicated to up-cycled furniture which I'm sure is new to CDW but please correct me if I'm wrong? It's so nice to see a space showcasing the amazing artists who transform old pieces into much loved new ones. Now neon may not be the colour you're looking for but in the dark space of fabric nightlight club they lit up in the room.

I'm a big advocate of reusing and buying old as new as it is much kinder to our planet. Plus if you're savvy enough you can find some absolute gems/bargains, you just have to be prepared to go on a hunt.

Thanks for reading

NB x

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