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Updated: Mar 12, 2019

I posted a while back that I wanted to do a regular colour blog showing some fab colour combinations to use in your interior design.

Well it was aaaages since that first post but I'm finally back with the second installment and this time the colour combo I'm going to convince you of is red orange & pink

Not probably the most conventional colour combination or one most people would think of or gravitate towards but please trust me and read on....

As with all colour schemes where you are using more than 2 colours, pick the dominant colour and use the other two shades in smaller proportions.

Soft hues of the red, orange and pink have worked perfectly and in harmony with only a splash of bold in the below photo. The balance of the tones works so well with the angles in the room and creates an interesting space which feels oddly serene and calm.

Image courtesy of #pinterest

These colours can actually feel quite regal when used in a period property. Offset against mahogany furniture, statement classic chandelier and classic artwork, the orange walls with the pink traditional patterned rug and dark red chairs just scream classic with a bold twist.

Image courtesy of #pinterest

If you want to embrace the bolder tones of these colours, colourblocking will create such a statement. Maybe create a colour block design on the wall and offset with bright home accessories or furniture. Oh and don't forget to include the floor, add more bold colour here too. This is not for the faint hearted.

Image Marieclairemaison

Don't fancy using all soft pastels or all strong colours, want to be a rebel? Then why don't you mix them? This bathroom jumps alive with the contrast of pale pink tiles, deep red cabinet and that eye popping orange cubicle, purely divine!

Image Experimento Design

Richer tones give such a dramatic effect and work well in both modern and traditional settings.

It can give those innately classic pieces of furniture a modern twist, especially when positioned against richly painted walls.

Image courtsey of #pinterest

Image courtesy of #pinterest

It's so important to select the right shades of each of these colours. When chosen well they work in such beautiful harmony and contrast but beware, if you get the tones and hues off balance then you may create something more scary and garish. So take your time to get the combination right and you will be so pleased with how different a space could be with this colour combo


If in doubt look to art for colour inspiration you can find some amazing combinations....

Are you convinced? Could you see this colour palette working in your interior? I hope I've opened your eyes to some other possible combinations that you wouldn't necessarily have dreamed off.

Thanks for reading!

NB x

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