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Bespoke Fabric Design

When designing a space I always try to curate the best possible option and pull together colours, patterns, textures that all work together and create a unique design for that specific space. This can vary depending on the client, the brief, the colour palette to work from and budget can be a factor.

I personally love colour and I'm a big, big fan of pattern. There have been countless times I've had to discount a fabric because the colours within the pattern didn't quite match the other elements. I actually struggled to find a fabric to work with my upholstered headboard for my own bedroom I was designing, trust me I searched and countless samples later I couldn't settle on one that felt the perfect match.

Well with the powers of instagram, thank you social media, I came across a super talented textile/print designer called Jade from The Print Bug, who had just launched a new service of bespoke/custom design of her fabrics. Thanks Jade for being my saviour!

The concept of the custom design grew from the idea of being able to help people and refine the option to suit the design. This also ties in nicely with her green eco ethics as a business which was another reason I was so keen to work with Jade. I'm always striving to find ways of working and with suppliers who are also eco conscious. Interiors in a consumerist market but we can do it in a more earth friendly way...

I have to say the whole process was fun and effortless and it allowed me to pick a fabric I would have had to discount ordinarily...hoooray!

So how did it all work? After chatting with Jade about what I wanted to do she sent me some samples of fabric options I had picked out to check the patterns. Once I had picked out some options I let her know and then I posted a sample of the fabric used on the headboard in my room.

Jade worked her magic and altered the colours of the fabric pattern - the pattern I chose was Tribal Palm ....She focused on picking out the just worked so well with the headboard fabric and also against the wall colour too, it was like it was meant to be.

My overall aim is to create a clash of patterns in my bedroom but keeping the colour palette refined so it doesn't look too bonkers, but for the patterns to all work together - which is the key to pattern clashing - colour harmony. It has been such a fun process and I now have curtains that are truly bespoke to me and my bedroom scheme.

So let's meet Jade and find out more about her, The Print Bug and her fabulous new service...

What got you into print design, where did it all begin?

My love for print design began after I completed a project on my degree course that involved the VW Beetle. For the degree show, I designed a repeating patterned wallpaper and at the time, I was driving a pink and white classic beetle. After this, I attended some VW shows and sold cushions and curtains with different designs on. This in turn is how The Print Bug came to life!

Where do you find your inspiration for your patterns/designs?

Inspiration for my designs often comes from subjects I love such as History. My current Art Deco designs are inspired from the 1920’s -30s. It’s a time period I absolutely love and is a theme that often appears up in the interiors industry.

I also research into colour themes and apply that to my designs, to make them relevant to the current trends.

Can you tell me more about your idea behind the bespoke service you have recently launched?

My custom colour service idea started while I was decorating my hallway at home. I already had painted my walls a dark blue hue and really wanted a my Tribal Palm Wallpaper to match. The colours were not quite right at the time so I got to work with tweaking and matching the main colour of the design to the paint. It worked an absolute treat because I was able to complete my interior scheme without having to sacrifice the paint colour or wallpaper design! I think offering this service is perfect for those who could be in the same dilemma as I was.

What's your most popular pattern to date?

My most popular pattern to date, has to be the Tribal Palm design. I think it’s because it has hints of a traditional pattern but also very modern with the colours I offer.

What's your fave colour?

I do love a range of colours so this one is a difficult one to answer! I would say Blue is my favourite colour at the moment. It was my first colour to use in my new home as it already had a blue front door and cladding. I have a campervan that I will shortly be renovating and I am thinking of using blue!

What's the future for The Print Bug?

I have many plans for where I want to go with The Print Bug. Being a creative, ideas can stack up very quickly in terms of what I want to do with the business. I am reviving a few of my VW patterns next year and would very much like to explore the interiors side of campervans. Especially as I now have one to renovate. Watch this space….

And last of all, describe your interior style....

While I appreciate minimalist design (to an extent), my interior style is Maximalist! I love being surrounded by colour and things me and my partner have collected over the years. I believe your home should be about what you love, not what everyone else has. That’s something I strongly believe in!

Here is the link to Jade's website - The Print Bug

Jade has just launched a new pattern range called Deco Noir - spoiler alert, it's utterly fabulous - so make sure you are following her on instagram for all the info and updates. And click here for her custom design service, it's so easy to do, you pick the fabric you like and fill out a quick form - then Jade gets in touch and off you go on your custom fabric/wallpaper journey!

Thanks Jade, next project - colour matching some fabric for cushions to adorn the bed!

Thanks for reading as always...

NB x

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