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Eclectic Colourful Home

Colour Scheme

When a client already has an abundance of artwork, plants, furniture and artefacts it can be tricky to know where to start when specifying a colour scheme.

This property was so interesting from all the different levels and zones that I wanted to make sure I picked colours that worked in each space and complimented the light, the pictures and furniture, but then also flowed easily into the next room or zone yet still having it's own identity.

Soft pale blues, green paisley wallpaper and a splash of oriental wallpaper and deep reds were used and gave an explosion of colour

but not in a way that took over, instead they highlighted what was there and helped to accentuate everything.

The property retained it's eclectic nature but the colour scheme brought everything together and I hope you agree it makes for a very interesting and visually exciting home.

All photos by Box River Studios

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