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Halstead Police Station

Show Home Styling

I was asked to undertake the interior styling of an apartment that was part of a renovation of an old police station, in Halstead Essex. I was to furnish and dress each of the rooms ready for the open market.

The client asked for the space to be maximised, to mix classic and modern interior styles and they were not afraid to use colour.

Considering the buildings history I opted to play on the blue for sofa in the main room in sumptuous velvet. All furniture was carefully considered to fit the space and ensure it didn’t clutter the rooms but was still functional and practical.

I used interesting lighting throughout the property with an oversized statement light over the stairs to create a big impact in this space.

Even though this was a ‘show home’ it wasn’t meant to feel like that, it was designed to make potential buyers feel like they had just come home. It was designed to not only show how to use the space but also to feel like a home that was cosy and relaxed.


The result was a very happy client, go take a look at the kind words written about this project here.

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