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Design Questionnaire
Do you know which design package you would like?
What are you looking to do in each room, please tick as many boxes that are relevant;
Do you know what your design style is? Or perhaps you like a few, please tick all the ones you like;
Let’s talk colour, what colours do you like;
Now what hues and tones do you prefer;:
Where do you want to add colour?
OK, we know colours, what about patterns? Do you like;
With any furniture what types of materials do you like;
If using any metallics in the design which do you prefer – tick all that apply);
Let’s talk lighting, what style light do you prefer, tick all that apply;
Can you describe how you want the room/space to feel? Tick all that apply
What is your shopping criteria, tick all that apply;
Does the design have to be child friendl
Do you have pets?
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Thanks for submitting!

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