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Contemporary Living Room

Full Room Design

A large and expansive living room was in much need of modernizing and making good use of the space.

The room was originally extended and this natural divide meant I zoned the spaces for end use and created a room that felt as one but not a vast galley room.

A muted colour palette was used and then a bold pop of colour with some magnificent mustard velvet armchairs just lifted the whole room.

Even though this room looks luxurious it had to be comfy and essentially used on a daily basis so usability and comfort was forefront with design - hence the big squishy sofas

Furniture was used sparingly and in proportion to the room, even though a large space it didn't want to appear cluttered and over-styled. Subtle lighting was used and a carefully selected piece of art pulled together all the colours of the room together perfectly.

All photos by Box River Studios

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